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Murphy Capital Advisors offers fee-only financial planning and fee-only investment advisory services.
Clients join Murphy Capital on an annual retained basis, billed quarterly.  This means that we refuse
to accept commissions, referral fees, trails or expense reimbursements from the implementation of
any of our recommendations.  Advice we provide will be objective. Advice will not be based on any
sales contest or other gimmick.  When we implement your plan, we’ll use a variety of investment
vehicles including exchange-traded funds, no-load mutual funds, individual bonds and certificates of
deposit.  We prefer investments that are transparent, low cost and easy to understand.
The success of Murphy Capital Advisors will be based on your success – the client.  No emphasis is
placed on the number of transactions each client makes.  Our fees are also surprisingly low as they
are priced to reflect a long-term commitment to the client.  We also work in concert with the other
professionals on whose advice and counsel you depend.  We listen and coordinate the efforts of your
attorney, accountant and other professionals to achieve an integrated plan.  From the information we
collect from all sources, we can make unbiased decisions based on your overall situation.  We will
educate you and make certain that the information we give you is understandable.
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